2nd December - Thematic Day


2nd December - Thematic Day


Thematic Day Hosts:

EMBRACE regenerative agriculture and agroecology

9.30–10.30 +4 GMT

Power Shift: weaning industrial food systems off fossil fuels

While energy use contributes to nearly three-quarters of global GHG emissions, food systems contribute to one-third. Food systems transformation must go hand-in-hand with a phase out of fossil fuels as an integrated climate priority. 


This session will explore how fossil fuel dependency is holding back food systems transformation and opportunities to collaborate on decarbonising and transforming our food systems to be more equitable, healthy, and resilient. We will share insights from a new analysis, particularly on how shifting away from a reliance on agrochemicals toward regenerative and agroecological food production is key to weaning our food systems off fossil fuels. 

11.00–12.00 +4 GMT

Ensuring Integrity: Who owns, defines and verifies regenerative food & agriculture systems?

The call for food systems transformation and commitment to regenerative agriculture is growing but how is it being defined, who is evaluating these commitments and holding entities to account? 


In this session we will explore the challenges of turning commitments into holistic principles-based outcomes, including the leadership needed in requiring accountability, ensuring publicly available evidence and data, and enforcement.

12.30–13.30 +4 GMT

Tackling greenwashing: the role of data and disclosures to support decision-making by farmers, businesses and policymakers

Misleading or unsubstantiated claims about environmental performance can derail efforts to support meaningful action that support and restore nature, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 


In this session, we review the role and importance of data, measurement and disclosure frameworks as catalysts for greater transparency, accountability and providing pathways for better business and environmental performance in agriculture and food systems.

14.00–15.00 +4 GMT

Making the Case for Regenerative Agriculture & Agroecology: the business case and the role of finance in supporting transition

This session will examine the importance of the business case for producers to transition, and emphasize the crucial role of finance in expanding the impact of regenerative agriculture and agroecology. During this session, we discuss different country approaches to revealing the business case, including an analysis of the costs associated with inaction and the co-benefits achievable through investments in this transition through the supply chain.

15.30–16.30 +4 GMT

People & Places: agroecology and regenerative approaches from the ground up

Join us for an inspiring session as we delve into the world of regenerative agriculture with landscape leaders at the heart of transformation. Through captivating case studies and compelling storytelling, we’ll explore the power of regional approaches in achieving sustainable food systems.


Explore how regenerative practices empower local communities, fostering economic independence and environmental stewardship. Learn from farmers who have harnessed local value chains, achieving economic growth and resilience. These are firsthand stories of those who have embraced regenerative methods, proving their feasibility and rewards.